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What are the minimum requirements to use MedalTest Organiser?

As MedalTest Organiser is a web based system you must be connected to the Internet to use it. Other than that there are no particular system requirements. You may use any operating system and version including Apple Mac, etc. You can even use an iPad or iPhone or similar device. It is not necessary to install or download any other software or files.

How many different computers can I use the system with?

You may access the system from as many different computers as you like. If you have a computer at home and also one at your school you can work on the same information from both computers. In the same way, your different teachers may access the system from their own homes to admninister your medal tests.

Is Medal Test Organiser official IDTA software?

Medal Test Organiser is not operated by the IDTA but has been created by a long standing IDTA teacher. The software is recommended by the IDTA and is completely compatible with all the IDTA requirements. The IDTA accepts all the official documents produced by the system.

Does it work for all IDTA branches?

Yes! Version 3.0.0 was released in August 2009 which now incorporates all the Theatre Branches as well as the Ballroom Branches. As additional dance styles are introduced in the future these will be made available within MedalTest Organiser.

Can I use it for other Dance Associations?

No! MedalTest Organiser is designed specifically to be compatible with the examination process and forms and reports used by the IDTA.

How do I sign up to use Medal Test Organiser?

If you would like to register to use MedalTest Organiser please click here. You must provide a valid email address as this is what will be used as your login. We will setup your account and provide you, by return email, with a password to access your private area of the system. You can then begin using MedalTest Organiser immediately.

Can I switch to MedalTest Organiser from IDTA Masterclass?

If you have tried IDTA Masterclass and would now like to try MedalTest Organiser we will be happy to load your Masterclass data into MedalTest Organiser so that you don't need to re-enter it all again. Along with your first exam session, that you may use as a live trial, this will be free of charge. If you wish to swap back to IDTA Masterclass after you have tried the free MedalTest Organiser trial, that's absolutely fine, but we are pretty sure that you won't want to!!

I'm not familiar with using a computer. Can I get help with the system?

Yes! MedalTest Organiser is designed to be very easy to use, even for those not used to using a computer. We will be happy to provide assistance getting you started and ensure that you are completely comfortable using the system on your own. Full support is available whenever you need it.

What happens to my data if I have a problem with my computer?

The great thing about using a system like medaltest organiser is that your information is stored on a secure server, and is backed up every day automatically on your behalf. So, if you have a breakdown with your computer, it doesn't matter, as all your dance school data is safe. Simply access it from any other computer, or from your replacement computer, if your old computer cannot be repaired. You never need to worry about losing your data accidentally.

How much does it cost?

Medal Test Organiser is a licensed software service which means that you cannot actually buy it. Instead, you pay a small rate of just 20p for each test you manage through the system. There is a maximum amount of £50 - any tests above this amount are free of charge. You may use the other aspects of the system, including the candidate database, completely free of charge - only the examination sessions are charged.

I only run a small school - is it worth it?

The pricing is based on the number of tests, so if you only run a small amount, you don't pay very much. It's much cheaper than buying a software package. You get all the features of a large software package without the associated cost. You may feel that using a computer doesn't give you any benefits over handwriting report forms for a small school. However, you gain all the professionalism in all the documents that are prepared for your candidates and parents, plus all the additional features of record keeping and financial exam tracking etc.

How many candidates can I add?

There is no limit to the number of candidates that the system can hold.

I already have my information in a system. Can it be input into Medal Test Organiser automatically?

Yes! There aren't any standard functions at the moment to allow you to do this yourself. However, if you contact us and send us the information that you want loading into the system, we will be happy to do this for you at no extra charge.

Is my school and candidate data private?

Yes! Only people with a valid registration can enter the system, and then they can only view information for their own account. You are not able to see the information belonging to another school, nor are they able to see your's.

Can I set my own medal test fees?

Yes! You can set up your own fee structure for all IDTA medals. The system will keep a complete record of your fees, even when you increase them in the future. Additionally, you can elect to set different prices for Adult and Junior age groups, or use the same prices for both. If you want you can print a professional looking list of exam fees for use at your school.

Can I use my own wording in letters?

There are a mix of letter templates built in to Medal Test Organiser to be used for different occasions. All of the letters allow you to add your own wording. Some of the templates include pre-formatted information such as medals being taken by candidates, with or without medal test fees. Some of the templates are completely free format for you to set up yourself. The letters can be used in any combination you like, but in all cases will produce very professional looking letters for your candidates.

A detailed User Guide explaining how to get the most from the Letters functionality can be downloaded here.

How many people can access my information?

All the information within Medal Test Organiser is private to the account owner. However, you can request as many additional accounts as you like at no extra charge. (We can provide separate accounts to your teachers or administrators. The system keeps a track of who makes changes to the information within the system). Any additional accounts created for you will only have access to your information within Medal Test Organiser.

In addition to this, we at Medal Test Organiser do have access to your information. However, this access will be strictly limited to the purposes of supporting you and your school on the system. Your data will never be shown to any other people or organisations, including the IDTA.

Can I operate more than one school?

Not with a single account. Each account within the system is limited to operating one school. A second account would be required to operate another school. Contact us for details of a second school account.

Can candidates progress through medals automatically?

Medal Test Organiser is fully flexible in this regard. You may choose to add each candidate manually to each examination session. However, if you wish, you can automatically bring forward candidates from a previous examination session, optionally upgrading the candidate to the next appropriate grade. This can be done in batches, for example, all one branch at the same time, providing a very powerful feature for fast exam session set up, without retyping or reselecting candidates.

What if I want a candidate to stay on the same grade?

The system gives you the flexibility to operate according to the way you run your own medal tests. You may wish some candidates to take a second or subsequent 1 dance test, for example. You simply configure which medals will or won't automatically upgrade. You can still manually update any candidate exam entry as appropriate.

What if I don't use Double Bronze and Double Silver?

If any particular grades are not used within your school these can be excluded. Any automatic upgrading will then ignore these grades.

How do I print on the IDTA report forms?

Medal Test Organiser is fully compatible with all the candidate report forms provided by the IDTA, for both Ballroom and Theatre Branches. Simply load the forms into your own printer and select the examinations that you wish to print. Medal Test Organiser does all the rest, ensuring that all the correct branch and grade codes are used, and printed in the correct boxes on the forms. It even automatically prints the dances (either a short code or the full dance name, as you prefer) in the column headings for the Ballroom forms. The Candidate Timetable and Results form is simply printed on blank paper using the correct format according to Ballroom or Theatre, so there is no need to worry about the form provided. And you don't need to worry about the layout of the forms changing in the future either. The system will be adapted as and when new versions of the forms are produced.

What if I have a problem with the system?

MedalTest Organiser is fully supported and has different levels of accessing support.

For simple questions, or "how to's" each screen has a useful 'help' link in the top right hand corner providing useful information on how to use that particular screen. If you face any minor problems or issues these can be reported through the "Contact" page and you will receive a personal response by email. However, we understand that a medal test is very critical to your business, so if you require a telephone number can be provided for immediate support on accasion.

Will there be any future additions to the system?

Yes! Since being launched the system has already had a number of new features following feedback from the schools, and there is already a list of features to be added. All new features will be included to registered users automatically. In addition, if there are any features that you would like to see included in MedalTest Organiser, please let us know using the "Contact" page. All requests will be considered for inclusion, and those selected will be made available to all registered users of the system.

Can I print a timetable in the order candidates will arrive?

Yes. For each exam that you enter into a session you can set the exam time. When the timetable is printed the system will automatically print the timetable in time order, and will print the time of each test in the appropriate column of the timetable. Setting individual exam times is optional. If timings are not set the timetable will be produced in the default order of Branch and Grade.

Alternatively, you can print Selection Reports of groups of candidates and you can include the timing in the report title. For example, you might create a report of a group of Rosette Candidates with the title "11.30am - Rosette Group One". The report can then be given to the teacher organising the group, and you can give a copy to the examiner, so they know which candidates they are seeing in the group.

What about Rosette and Stardance forms?

Buttons are available to print Rosette and Stardance forms on blank paper for both Ballroom and Theatre schools so there is no need to hand write the forms or struggle lining up the names on the forms.

Rosette and Stardance Forms are now only required for Theatre Branches. However, Ballroom schools may also wish to produce them as a record of the examination and for the examiner to identify the candidates more easily.

How can I ask other questions?

You can ask questions using the "Contact" page, or you can email us directly at info@medaltest.com. We will endeavour to respond to your question(s) as quickly as possible.